Do you need a deep understanding of your potential and current customers including their habits, interests, and opinions? Cultivate Insights has unmatched expertise when it comes to key consumer segments like meat reducers, cruelty-free shoppers, vegetarians, and environmentally conscious buyers. We’ve helped companies including Tofurky and Del Monte Foods gain essential customer insights and explore new market opportunities. How can Cultivate help your business achieve data-driven success?

Our Research Services

Cultivate Insights provides a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research solutions to help you assess the market, know your customers, and drive your brand’s success. Whether you’re a startup, a growing company, or an established brand, Cultivate can help provide the insight you need to take your sustainable business to the next level. 


Assess the commercial landscape, evaluate new markets, and identify trends and opportunities for your business.


Understand your current and potential customers, how they behave, and what drives their purchase decisions.


Build your brand with customer feedback, track your brand’s awareness or loyalty, and sharpen your messaging.


Innovate with new products, identify your key attributes, and use data to establish your pricing and positioning.


Explore your brand and product relative to other offerings, know their customers, and evaluate your opportunities.

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Cultivate has decades of experience with diverse research methods. We can match our tools with the insight you need.

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Cultivate has decades of experience to help you navigate the complicated world of market research. Whether you need just a quick survey or a custom consumer research panel for ongoing insights, we’ve got you covered. 

  • Deep knowledge of sustainable products
  • High quality research at a reasonable cost
  • Small samples and quick turnarounds available
  • Access to niche markets and audiences
  • Negotiated rates with data collection partners

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Cell-Based Meat Acceptance

Growing Acceptance for Cell-Based Meats  

Half (49%) of consumers are “willing to buy cultured meat regularly. New research looks at how to frame the message for potential customers.

New Report: Plant-Based Buyers and Brands

Cultivate Insights' exclusive report provides a detailed segmentation of plant-based consumers, buyers, and 15 leading brands.

Millennials at the dining table

PDF: 8 in 10 Millennials Eat Plant-Based Meats  

Also, a third of Millennials say they are trying to eat even more plant-based foods, versus just over a quarter of non-Millennial consumers.

Beauty Without Animal Cruelty is Big Business  

The global vegan beauty product market was reportedly worth $3.4 billion in 2018 and is growing at an estimated annual rate of 6%.

Exclusive: Alt Meats Could be 60% of Market by 2040

Experts predict that plant-based and cell-based meats could combine to capture a majority of the meat market in the next 20 years.

Restaurants going plant-based

Restaurant Patrons Feasting on Plant-Based Foods  

The plant-based Impossible Burger is the biggest-trending order during late-night (up 529%!) for Grubhub, the popular meal delivery site.

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About us

Cultivate Insights was founded by Che Green, a former investment banker and technology research manager who is personally dedicated to helping sustainable brands succeed in the marketplace. Che previously managed all quantitative and qualitative research for Microsoft’s enterprise server group. He also founded Faunalytics, a nonprofit organization that conducts social science research. Cultivate Insights also involves a network of experienced research and marketing professionals who work together to accelerate your potential. 

Che Green, Principal

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