Plant-Based Buyers and Their Favorite Brands
A detailed segmentation of plant-based buyers with profiles of 15 major plant-based brands
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Plant-Based Buyers and Their Favorite Brands provides detailed insights on the growing market for alternative meat, dairy, and egg products. The report includes an in-depth segmentation analysis of more than 1,000 plant-based consumers (including nearly 900 plant-based food buyers) and profiles of 15 major plant-based brands.

The report examines plant-based buyers and their purchase habits in general and for specific categories including plant-based beef, chicken, pork, fish/seafood, milk, cheese, and eggs. It also covers plant-based buyers’ motivations and barriers, where they shop, and their willingness to pay a premium.

Consumer segments are provided for all questions in the report including gender, age, region, income, store preference, actual plant-based purchases, and intended plant-based purchases. Segments are summarized in the report and described in detail in a separate Excel file (full report only).

The full report also provides in-depth profiles for 15 leading plant-based brands. Each profile includes brand awareness reputation among plant-based consumers, past and intended purchases, purchaser ratings for taste, value/price, packaging, and availability, and net promoter scores.

How Many People Consume Plant-Based Foods?
Includes over-samples of women and millennials
Plant-Based Buyer Overview
→  Executive Summary
  The Plant-Based Food Landscape
  Who Are Plant-Based Buyers?
  What Drives Purchase Decisions?
  What Are Consumers Buying?
  What Are Purchase Intentions?
  Key Takeaways for Companies
  Profiles of 15 Major Plant-Based Brands *
  Brand Awareness and Purchases *
  Brand Perceptions and Ratings *
  Excel File with Segment Details *
→  8th Continent
→  Beyond Meat
→  Blue Diamond
→  Boca
→  Califia
→  Daiya
→  Field Roast
→  Gardein
→  Lightlife
→  Morningstar Farms
→  Oatly
→  Quorn
→  Silk
→  Tofurky
→  WestSoy
* Items marked with an asterisk are exclusive to the “full” version of the report. 
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PDF file including:
47 pages of data, charts, and analysis
Top-line results for all general questions
→ Plant-based purchases and intent by category
Plant-based buyer motivations and barriers
Plant-based buyer habits and preferences
Summary results by gender, age, income, region
Key takeaways and recommendations


Everything in the base report, plus:
Profiles of 15 leading plant-based brands
Brand awareness and overall reputation
Actual and intended purchases for each brand
Brand ratings and net promoter scores
95 total pages of data, charts, and analysis
Excel file with details of 82 segments including demographics, purchase drivers and behavior, shopping habits, and brands.


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